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Top Tips for the Vatican Museum

Michelangelo, Raphael, the Renaissance but also archeology, classical and modern art. Not a museum but “museums”.

Are they always crowded? Are there always long queues?

They certainly are during the most popular tourist periods but you can book your visit sixty days in advance.

Reservations open at midnight in Italy so I advise you to “lay in wait” and take the plunge.

Some schedules may be less in demand than others. For example, organized trips want to enter early in the morning so the afternoon is less in demand.

Consider booking on Friday or Saturday to get in late afternoon. There are usually fewer tourists and you can enjoy a beautiful sunset overlooking St. Peter Basilica.

Alternatively you can enter by queuing. If you enter in the afternoon you will queue less even if you will have less time available for the visit. And if you really don’t want to spend anything, remember that on the last Sunday of every month the Vatican Museums are free! (last admission at 12 noon).

Sure you can book through a tour operator who will offer you its services such as a guided tour and not only the entrance.