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Castel Gandolfo Gardens

A corner of paradise not far from Rome.

It is not only an opportunity for a cultural and historical visit, but a dive into the beauty of nature of a place loved by the Popes.

Surely, the Gardens are magnificent like Versailles, Hellbrun, Schonbrunn…and they are no less than the Vatican Gardens!

They are larger than the entire Vatican City State and overlook the magnificent Lake Albano on one side and open towards the sea on the other.

Basically you can visit the  Gardens in two way: on a minibus  for a comfortable  and complete tour of the area including the farm from which the milk and eggs for the Pope’s table come.

The second way is a walk where you will be in closer contact with nature.

OK, you’ve read about the Palace… let’s talk about it..

Even if the Pope is a king, this is not a royal palace but a holiday residence. Some beautiful rooms but nothing to do with the apostolic palace in Rome.

The advice is to visit Castel Gandolfo from April to October and invest your time in the morning in visiting the gardens (unmissable!) and then spend the afternoon on the lake. In the hottest months, a refreshing bath and then a pleasant evening in one of the lakeside restaurants